A Call to Change (Short Film)

This is a requirement in my Advertising Production subject.

“How can you face your problem if the problem is your face?”

Ana is a typical teenager who has a dilemma on her physical appearance. One day, her friend offered her a product named “A Call to Change”. She became interested when she saw the effects of the product on the internet. This product changed her life. Now, she’s an international model.

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Creative Portfolio Part II

This is the continuation of my creative portfolio. This video highlights my traits and aspirations.

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I’m the secretary of our the student council of our college. It’s my first organization so It’s really hard to adjust at first.

Excused letters, Resolutions and Proposals. These became my new friends and partners.

From Public Relations Officer to Secretary of our council. It’s really a tough job but I’m enjoying it.

Creative Portfolio

I’m Ana Krisna A. Ferma and this is my creative portfolio.

I’m excellent and willing to work as a team. I have good communication skills and I’m hardworking. Lastly, I’m honest and creative.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Ana Krisna Ferma, 20 years of age and 4th year student of BSBA Marketing and Advertising at DlSU-D. I love to socialize with people.

There are just three words to describe me. It’s SIMPLE, NICE AND REAL.

Get to know me first. I’ll treat you the way you treat me. 😉

About Me

Ana Krisna Ferma. 20 years of age. 4th year student from DLSU-D. I love art. 🙂